Combined compact microwave oven
Combined compact microwave oven GCM712X
ProCook Dimensions (W×H×D): 59.5 × 45.5 × 54.6 cm
Stainless steel Show both variations
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ProCook: highly professional, very simple
Pyrolytic or multi-function oven, conventional baking combinations with microwaves or steam – the clearly laid out DotMatrix display and a large centrally positioned knob make oven control consistent and fully adjustable to your desires. You may choose to confide in the preset Auto or Simple programs, or you may choose your own settings that you can tweak with the complex yet very easy to use Pro options. With the new STEPbake system, you can now cook your food in several steps. If you are a fan of slowly developed flavours that require long cooking at low temperature, you will surely appreciate the slow cooking function. Complex technology in the background is paired with simple controls that combine a knob and touch control. The design is impressive for its convenience and pronounced elegance.
HomeMade: perfect plus!
Gorenje+ ovens feature a special rounded shape of cavity walls and ceiling based on Gorenje's patented HomeMade system. The system also includes carefully thought out heater placement that further improves the flow of hot air. Such design, along with the MultiFlow 360 system, will make sure the food is browned just the way you want it to be, regardless of which height and which tray you are using. The food will be both juicy and crispy! Smart design of Gorenje+ ovens with its many novelties allows perfect cooking results on a par with those of true master chefs.
Uniform air circulation MultiFlow 360°
Truly even cooking of several dishes on various levels in the oven requires perfect circulation of heating air or steam. Gorenje's MultiFlow 360° system makes sure the circulation is optimal in every corner of the oven cavity. A specially perforated 3D rear wall allows smart multi-point blowing. Combined with the fan, this leads to air or steam circulation that exposes the food to heat and cooks it evenly regardless of which level the baking tray is placed on.
Several levels for more treats
Cooking several dishes at once? Why not? Gorenje+ ovens allow arranging the baking sheets in five different height levels, and baking on three at the same time. The advantages of multi-level cooking truly shine bright in combination with the MultiFlow360° system which makes sure the food is done evenly, as well as faster with lower power consumption.
Oven side wall cooling with DynamiCooling
Efficient and safer heaters PerfectGrill
Microwaves, hot air and grill at your disposal
New extra resistant enamel
Uniform lighting OpenView
Cleanliness of perfectly smooth oven door
Considerably larger baking area SuperSize
Stirrer: plus for using the entire baking tray

Technical details

Gorenje+ Collection

Colour: Colour of brushed stainless steel

Handle colour: Colour of brushed stainless steel

Control panel material: Glass and stainless steel

Usable oven volume: 50 l

Combined microwave oven - 50 l SuperSize baking area

HomeMADE® modelled on traditional wood-fired bread oven


Electronic control

Knob shape: Ergonomic knobs


Heating types:
Lower and upper heaterLower heaterUpper heaterInfra heaterVentilationInfra heater with ventilationLower heater and fanLower heater with circular heater and fanSmall infra grillMicrowavesMicrowave and hot airMicrowaves and grillDefrostFastPreheatAutoRoastAqua clean with microwaveStayWarmWarmPlateEco function
Lower and upper heater
Lower heater
Upper heater
Infra heater
Infra heater with ventilation
Lower heater and fan
Lower heater with circular heater and fan
Small infra grill
Microwave and hot air
Microwaves and grill
Aqua clean with microwave
Eco function

Step by Step




Auto programme


Classic door hinge

MultiFlow 360°

Stirrer technology

Inverter technology

Double lightning

Baking on different levels at the same time

1 shallow enameled baking pan

1 glass baking pan

Wire shelf

Oven guides: 1x wire guides

Thermoelectric fuse

Dynamic oven cooling plus - DC+

Triple glazing with a protective grid


Smooth oven door surface

Grill power: 2,200 W

Frequency microwave power : 2,450 MHz

Microwave power: 1,000 W

Usable oven volume: 50 l

Dimensions (W×H×D): 59.5 × 45.5 × 54.6 cm

Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 63.5 × 54.1 × 68 cm

Niche dimensions (WxHxD): 56 × 45 × 55 cm

Net weight: 34.1 kg

Gross weight: 38.4 kg

Consumption in standby mode: 1 W

Connected load: 3,000 W

Code: 462879

EAN code: 3838942645235