Ion Generation

The Gorenje ION generation of fridge freezers was created in perfect harmony with nature and with your good health in mind. The innovative IonAir technology paired with the advanced MultiFlow 360° and NoFrost Plus functions creates the ideal microclimate for keeping the food fresh and healthy. By keeping our food healthy we’re looking out for our own health as well. Every year we end up throwing out large amounts of food due to improper storage and eventual spoilage. But ION generation refrigerators provide the ideal solution – optimal temperatures combined with anions, creating the ideal environment for storing and caring for your good food, keeping it fresh and bacteria-free far longer than any conventional systems.

Welcome to the word of ION generation of refrigerators, made in perfect cooperation with nature.

Keep it fresh

The only way to stay healthy is to eat healthy. Healthy food provides the human body with vitamins, minerals and fibres, which are essential for a balanced diet. It would be perfect to take food directly from your garden and those who are able to do so are the lucky ones.

However, we usually buy food several days in advance. Without proper storage, it loses its nutritive value very quickly and becomes the main source of bacteria and microorganisms. Such food is eventually thrown away. Therefore, it’s not surprising that an average household member throws away around 180 kg of food per year. Gorenje experts thought about every detail in order to create an ideal microclimate for maintaining food freshness and its natural juices.

Here are the essential features for achieving fresh and natural climate inside the refrigerator.

IonAir with DynamiCooling

ION generation of fridge freezers definitely positions Gorenje among top brands on the market. Quality and value are perfected by materials, discretely designed lines, top quality shelves and numerous other functional improvements. When developing the range, we were especially dedicated to creating the best possible climate inside the appliance. The core of all our advanced solutions is IonAir technology, which completely mimics natural process of ionization and refreshes refrigerator air. In order to provide the perfect flow of that air through the entire appliance and bring oxygen into every pore, we have used excellent ventilation systems – MultiFlow 360˚ in advanced models and DynamicCooling in basic models of the new generation. The adaptive technology that we used is completely innovative and unique on the market. It is a highly intelligent sensor system, which keeps track of users’ habits and maintains both the constant temperature and ideal climate.
Welcome to the world of new ION generation of Gorenje refrigerators, made in the perfect cooperation with nature.

MultiFlow 360°

Intensive ventilation system
Our intensive regulatory system MultiFlow 360° actively balances air, humidity and temperature inside the refrigerator, making it the ideal environment for fresh food. Thanks to 14 ventilation inlets, an even temperature is maintained on each shelf, so there is no risk from food freezing anywhere in the fridge. Constant and even temperature on each shelf is the best thing you can provide for your food, preventing drying out and maintaining its quality. This amazing regulatory system purifies the air and saves energy.


Even temperature in the fridge
Improved ventilation system functions according to the principles of dynamic cooling, maintaining even temperature in the entire refrigerator. Due to this system of operation, DynamicCooling contributes to energy saving and falls into category of ‘‘green’’ features. It is combined with IonAir in basic models, while advanced models operate on IonAir MultiFlow 360° system.

AdaptTech cooling

Keeping the food fresh 20% longer
Adaptive intelligent system monitors, analyzes, and records the use of the refrigerator in weekly intervals. Then, its operation, especially maintaining of the set temperature and the resulting power consumption are adjusted to the identified pattern. When the door is opened, the temperature of the food will not rise as it does in conventional refrigerators; this will hinder the development of bacteria.

NoFrost Plus

No more tedious defrosting
One of the best cooling systems in the market, installed in the freezer compartment, prevents the accumulation of ice and frost to keep the power consumption low, while in the refrigerator compartment, it maintains an ideal microclimate for fresh food. Circulation of ionized air prevents the food from drying out and retains its vitamins and minerals.

CrispZone with HumidityControl

Fruits and vegetables feel like in a garden
Fresh fruits and vegetables spoil and rot more easily than other kinds of food. In addition to keeping all kinds of fruits and vegetables fresh, this spacious drawer with a 36 l volume gives you the option of setting the humidity level. By setting the HumiditySlider, you can simply adjust the level of moisture, therefore prolonging the lifespan of these foods additionally.

ZeroZone drawer

Fresh as if straight from the sea
The drawer with a temperature around 0 °C is ideal for storing fresh or marinated meat, fish and seafood. It extends the freshness of delicate food and keeps its natural juiciness and nutrients.


Fresh as if straight from nature
The drawer with the lowest temperature in the refrigerator is ideal for storing meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables. It Will preserve the food's freshness, aroma, colour, and flavour for much longer.


Rapid cooling after weekly shopping
The intensive cooling function drops the refrigerator temperature to 3 °C, which is lower than usual by nearly a half. Combined with large refrigerator compartment volume, this temperature is ideal for rapid cooling of food after major shopping trips. After six hours, the function is switched off automatically and the refrigerator compartment temperature returns to the initial setting.


Rapid freezing
The FastFreeze function freezes the food at -24 °C to preserve most of the minerals in the food. After approximately 2 days, the function is switched off automatically and the freezer compartment temperature returns to the initial setting.

Keep it smart

Everybody wants to have refrigerator like those seen in a magazine. Neat, easy to use and put in order. We know this is not simple. Therefore, we tried to make this possible in new generation of Gorenje fridge freezers. Let’s see what is inside!

PullOut shelves

Easy access to food
Shelves on extendible guides allow quick and easy access to food at the back of the fridge. The tempered glass shelves are highly durable and will carry up to 22 kilograms of food.

XXL SpaceBox

Enough space to store a turkey
This freezer compartment drawer is the largest in the appliance and it is ideal for storing large items like a turkey, several pizzas, or even cakes.


Owing to the functionality of opening the refrigerator door at a right angle, all shelves and bins can be fully pulled out. This solution is ideal for refrigerators placed against a side wall, or adjacent to a countertop or another appliance.

Keep it green

Fridge is the only appliance that works 24/7. Since it is so hard-working, it consumes a lot of energy.

The new generation of Gorenje fridge freezers offers combinations of high energy classes and other parameters which contribute to money and energy saving.